Extract Our Refund from Voyageurs International Ltd.

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We have hundreds of people affected by a local business located in Wheat Ridge, CO.  Voyageurs International was planning on taking students from 13 different states to Europe this summer as Ambassadors of Music with 100-300 high school students, plus many parents, from each state. Unfortunately, Voyageurs International, LTD is keeping the $1900 "cancellation fee" from each student and adult that has signed up for this trip. Some have additionally booked a Greece Extension and so they are being charged even more money. We are trying as a collaboration of parents to share and spread this sad reality before we are forced to take legal action.

We are looking to get a full refund back since this cancellation was due to unforeseeable events and a national (and global) devastation. Furthermore this money was hard earned by the students and parents to pay for the expenses associated with the trip. Since many organizations and airlines are providing a full refund back the expectations are the same.  Voyageurs International Ltd has the ability to do two things, explain the accounting of where the $1900 per participant has been spent and refund this $1900 to the students and their parents.

Additionally, based on the contract that was signed Voyageurs International states “VIL would only cancel within ten (10) days prior to the tour scheduled travel dates” since they canceled on March 17th, 2020 and yet the trips would not take place until June/July they have broken the contract and therefore the contract should be void.

While we are all supportive of the cancellation of the trip, we are all becoming more financially strapped because of the restrictions of COVID-19 in our communities.  This money will go a long way to support each of the families involved.

Thank you!