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Voters want real choices: End plurality voting and the "lesser of two evils"!

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This year more than ever, millions of voters are dismayed at having to make a choice of the "lesser of two evils." Whether it's anti-Trump Republicans, Sanders fans, independents or third party supporters, we want to have real freedom to vote our conscience without acting as "spoilers."

To make this happen, states need to pass laws that would replace our plurality voting system with one that takes people's first, second, or third choices into account. Any number of options—Range voting, Approval voting, or an Instant Runoff system—would enable people to express their true preferences for President, voting our consciences while still influencing the ultimate outcome of the election.

Here's how it could work, in two stages:

1) States pass laws enacting an alternative voting system that lets people express more than one choice for president. To prevent blue states from unwittingly helping elect a Republican by a contingent election in the House of Representatives, the laws include a “Contingent Election Exemption Clause” (learn more here). In this stage, voters in these states can vote their consciences without acting as spoilers, and independents and third parties are treated more fairly.

2) Once states with 270 Electoral College votes have passed such laws, they all agree to give their Electoral College votes to the winner of the national vote according to these alternative systems. This is when things really open up for the nation as a whole, and all remaining states would have great incentive to pass alternative voting laws themselves, so their voters can enjoy the same freedom as other states.

This requires action in state legislatures to pass such laws. If even one state passes such a law before November, it might change the election—and would certainly change the way people think about voting. So contact your state senators and state representatives about passing alternative voting systems in your state and others! And contact the campaigns of your favorite candidates and see if they will promote these ideas on the campaign trail!

NOW is the time to act!  We can still save this election, give hope to future voters, end the "lesser of two evils" mentality, and have real freedom in voting!

#NeverTrump, #FeeltheBern, and everyone in between:
Join together and we can do this!

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