Force Joel Osteen to pay back any and all government aid funded by taxpayers.

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Joel Osteen and his church recently received over four million dollars in taxpayer-funded government aid. For his church that does not pay taxes. If you believe this is unfair to taxpayers, please stand with us.

This is not an issue of religion, this is not an issue of who you believe in. This is an issue of fairness. His business is the church, which apparently is doing quite well to afford this man a home and estate that is several million dollars. Whilst constantly riding in private jets and doing things normally reserved for the richest of people. This man is no longer a servant of Christ or his people, but a servant to the almighty dollar.

It’s clear that he is manipulating the system to maintain massive amounts of wealth. This is incredibly unfair to people that follow him, as they may think what he’s doing is justified in some sick way. Our government and this man should be held accountable for this gross overpayment and blatant disregard for taxpayer’s well-being.

While the average American is struggling with covid, bills, work, and every other daily stress, this man is banking over four million dollars of our money. If you believe this is not to aid in his message of love and kindness of man and woman in the vision of God, or you simply believe his acts are unfair and downright slimy, please sign this petition to force him to pay back any government aid that was recieved.

Thank you.