Vote YES on HB646 to Protect Our Pollinators!

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Help Protect New Hampshire Pollinators!

For far too long, regulators and politicians have stood by while wild pollinators and honey bees decline at alarming and unprecedented rates. We need pollinators for every one in three bites of food we eat, but if lawmakers continue to permit the use of bee-toxic pesticides that kill these beneficial species, we’re in for a future with bland, and increasingly expensive food.

We now have an opportunity to help to reverse pollinator declines in New Hampshire. HB646, “The Saving New Hampshire’s Pollinators Act,” authored by NH Representative Catherine Sofikitis, would stop the outdoor use of systemic, bee-toxic pesticides and establish best practices for New Hampshire farmers and residents to plant pollinator habitat and move towards safer pest management.

Urge your NH legislators to join in support of HB646-FN: The Saving New Hampshire’s Pollinators Act!

New Hampshire is losing important pollinator species - In the first long-term study of New Hampshire’s bumble bee population, researchers with the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station at the University of New Hampshire have found three of the state’s most important bumble bee species have experienced drastic declines and range constriction over the last 150 years, with a fourth bee also in significant decline. Source

1997 was the last recorded sighting of the endangered rusty-patched bumble bee in New Hampshire. They were once found throughout the eastern US. Source

Beekeepers in New Hampshire lost a reported 60.4% of their honey bee colonies in 2016/17 and 55.2% in 2017/18. This is unsustainable and well over the national average, which itself has remained at a concerning 30% rate. Source

Think about these numbers in context: what would happen if poultry farmers started losing over 50% of their chickens each year?

The ongoing pollinator crisis requires immediate action from state lawmakers. Urge your legislators to support HB646-FN!

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