Vote to add a Dual Language Spanish Program to DSISD!

Vote to add a Dual Language Spanish Program to DSISD!

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Why this petition matters

Started by Kyrsten Berg

The majority of districts in the Austin area offer a 2-way Dual Language or Immersion Program. Why doesn't DSISD? We have reached out to DSISD and they have no plans of adding this type of program. Why would DSISD not want to offer the same level, if not better, of educational offerings as our neighboring districts?

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This program is offered at the elementary level and in two-way classes, students explore the same lessons, but teachers instruct in both English and Spanish to teach all kids both languages. The classes differ from one-way programs, in English language learners are taught in both English and in another language. Researchers say kids who start to learn a second language at a young age are much more likely to become fluent and speak in a native accent. A study out of MIT suggests students who start learning a language after age 10 do not have as good a chance of becoming proficient as those who start before.

Here is a list of what other districts in the area offer: 

Austin ISD: The district started offering two-way dual-language programs in the 2010-11 school year. It now offers classes at 22 elementary schools, starting in pre-K at some and in kindergarten in others, and in three languages: Spanish, Vietnamese, and Mandarin. Administrators are exploring adding an Arabic program, as well.
Round Rock ISD: Students can learn in one-way and two-way dual language classes at 12 elementary school campuses. The district started offering bilingual classes in 2007.
Leander ISD: Students can take both two-way and one-way dual-language classes, depending on the school and grade level. 
Pflugerville ISD: The district offers two-way dual-language programs at four schools and one-way classes at seven others. 
Hays CISD: Two elementary school campuses offer two-way dual language programs starting in kindergarten. The district is looking at adding more classes: “Expansion will depend on interest in the program,” a spokesman said.
Del Valle ISD:  Pre-K students at Hillcrest Elementary are the first to experience it, and administrators hope to expand it in coming years to every elementary school campus and eventually middle schools.
Georgetown ISD: Starting in the 2016-17 school year, this district offers two-way dual-language classes at four campuses starting in kindergarten. This year, the program grew to include 3rd grade at three of the campuses, as the first students to take the classes have progressed. That means the district will offer classes through 5th grade two years from now.
Manor ISD: Three elementary school campuses started offering two-way classes as a pilot program this year. The district hopes to expand to more schools as it gathers feedback from parents, teachers and administrators about how the program is working.
Lake Travis ISD: District offers a 2-way Dual Language program at Lake Travis Elementary School. 
Eanes ISD: Students at four elementary campuses are eligible for a Spanish immersion program, which differs from a two-way dual language program. Instead of combining Spanish- and English-dominant speakers, Eanes ISD’s program teaches students half the day in English and half in Spanish to develop both languages.
San Marcos CISD: Five campuses offer two-way dual-language classes to students starting in pre-K. The district began its program in the 2017-18 school year and plans to grow the program along with its students up to 5th grade in the coming years.

313 have signed. Let’s get to 500!