Minnesota Equal Shared Parenting

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Please support Equal Shared Parenting in Minnesota.

Minnesota currently has no statutory preference for, or presumption of, shared physical custody for temporary or final orders. Indeed, such a preference or presumption is specifically denied.

For decades, special interests have had the ear, pocketbook, and vote of legislators to promote tension and in-fighting within family court regarding child custody, resulting in financial hardships and emotional turmoil for families going through a separation. 

In Minnesota, current statutes presume 25% parenting time for each parent, resulting in long, drawn-out and financially devastating court battles to fight over the remaining 50% of time, while leaving our children in the middle of an unfortunate situation which they did not ask for nor do they deserve. 

Our children deserve better.

For the 2021 Legislative Session, Rep. Erik Mortensen and Rep. Jeremy Munson introduced H.F 963 to amend current statues and presume joint legal and physical custody, because maximizing parenting time between both parents is in the best interest of the child(ren).

This bill would put the kids first and mitigate costly, drawn out court battles.

This is not a partisan issue: the vast majority of Minnesota residents are in favor of passing equal shared parenting legislation.

According to a recent poll by the National Parents Organization:

  • 95% of those in Minnesota believe "it is in the child's best interest to have as much time as possible with each parent;"
  • 94% of Minnesotans expressed a commitment to vote their beliefs being "more likely to vote for a candidate who supports children spending equal or nearly equal time with each parent ...when both parents are fit and willing to be parents."
  • 85% of those in Minnesota indicated they would support a change in Minnesota law that awards children as much time as possible with each parent.
  • 85% believe that when there is conflict between parents, awarding sole custody to one parent increases conflict.
  • 90% believe that Minnesota should promote shared parenting for all children with separated parents.
  • 90% believe that both parents should have equal rights and responsibilities following divorce or separation.

We are asking the Minnesota House of Representatives to hold a vote and pass this bill along to the Minnesota State Senate for approval.

We are calling on all elected officials, including House Judiciary Chair Rep. Jamie Becker-Finn, who has been reluctant to hear this issue, to make this a priority for the State of Minnesota.

We are calling on Governor Tim Walz to do the right thing and put the children first.