Vote of No Confidence In Nancy Pelosi - She Must Step Aside

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Representative Pelosi continues to oppose impeachment proceedings, in defiance of The House's Constitutional duty to check Presidential abuse of power.

Impeachment cannot be a choice. As a society we do not prosecute crime or misdemeanor on the basis of convenience. The fear that starting impeachment may anger the Republican base is irrelevant, irresponsible, as enabling to the Administration as Atty. General Barr and Mitch McConnell. It is an abdication of duty and morally repugnant.

The need for a House Speaker is not under question. But the unilateral dictatorship being asserted by The Speaker means for all practical purposes that my voice through my representative counts for nothing; only the people of San Francisco get a voice on this.

The calculation that an impeachment inquiry would harm Democratic efforts in 2020 has no basis in fact. If prior impeachments are being considered, there is no parallel between President Clinton and today. Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about a sexual matter that the entire country and the world at large understood to be a private issue between him and his family. Americans felt ashamed of Congress' actions then. Nixon was impeached for actual crimes against the nation, and the people eventually supported Congress once the facts emerged. If Speaker Pelosi's calculation is based upon precedent, the Clinton case holds no parallel while the Nixon case does, meaning she should go forward. If not based upon precedent, then it is essentially baseless.

If her calculation is based upon poll numbers, then it's equally misguided. Two facts of history and one observation are relevant: in the case of Nixon, public polling showed that the American People did not favor impeachment before they understood the situation, but overwhelmingly favored it once evidence was presented. And far more indicative than today's polling numbers is the turnout in 2018 that sent the Democrats back to The House in power. If, as Speaker Pelosi claims, this was so that Congress would work on health care, then it would have happened years before. Clearly the reason that we all turned out in record numbers to elect Democrats to The House in spite of gerrymandered districts was to stop the Trump administration. To claim otherwise is ridiculous.

If the calculation is about not angering swing voters, here are two things to keep in mind: first - if there are people in the US who still can't make up their minds, then perhaps they need to be convinced or shown some evidence rather than hoping that meek manners will persuade, and second - Speaker Pelosi would be well served to remember that Democratic votes are not guaranteed and should be mindful that her cowardice is likely to convince the base to just stay home.

Rather than allowing the country to be overtaken by a quasi-fascist regime that thumbs its nose at Congress with total impunity, provided with compliments by the Democratic House, we need a Speaker who will honor the Constitution and allow an impeachment inquiry to begin; one who does not see themselves as a dictator with the power to deny every other representative a voice.

This idea of protecting a Democratic majority in The House at all costs, including letting the Trump administration get away with high crimes and misdemeanors, begs the question - what good does it do for the Democrats to have power if they are too cowardly to use it?