Petition Closed

We, the fans of the Sri Lanka cricket team, have no faith or confidence in the current cricket administration, and we seek a truly democratic and neutral process in electing officials for the cricket board. Cricket fans and the Sri Lankan public are appalled at officials being elected unopposed to key positions, and request an immediate end to this practise.

Letter to
Secretary, Sri Lanka Cricket Nishantha Ranatunga
President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa
President, Sri Lanka Cricket Jayantha Dharmadasa
and 4 others
CEO, Sri Lanka Cricket Ashley De Silva
Minister of Sports Mahindananda Aluthgamage
President, International Cricket Council Alan Isaac
Chief Executive, International Cricket Council David Richardson
We signed this petition as a request to his excellency the President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapakse, to take notice of and immediately address the grievances of Sri Lanka cricket fans.

We wish to also submit a copy of this petition to the ICC for its reference.

By signing this petition, we, the fans of Sri Lanka cricket, unite as one group supporting the cause of Sri Lanka cricket to bring to your attention the following grave concerns:

We have no faith or confidence in the process in place to appoint cricket board officials. As evident by recent elections, the utmost important positions are filled uncontested. We wish to express that such tactics are only viewed by the fans and the cricket-loving public as an insult to our intelligence.

We have no faith or confidence in the ability of current officials to responsibly and honorably manage public funds to promote the best interest of cricket in Sri Lanka.

It is under the leadership of one of the current senior members of this cricket administration that Sri Lanka Cricket, run at the time by an interim committee, suffered the worst financial crisis in its history. Yet, the fact that such incompetent administrators are repeatedly brought into power through a so-called democratic process unique to Sri Lanka Cricket (uncontested) has further enhanced our belief that cricket in Sri Lanka has become the property of a chosen few.

We have no faith or confidence in the cricket board secretary's ethical and moral integrity, and thus his ability to act in the best interest of Sri Lanka cricket.

The current Cricket Board Secretary's prior involvement with Carlton Sports Network and the resulting TV rights decisions have been raised by many as examples of blatant violation of conflict of interest of the highest degree.

Yet, the same individual has been allowed to thrive in his role within Sri Lanka Cricket with no consequences and is elected uncontested when he runs for office.

We have no faith or confidence in the present Sri Lanka Cricket administration to protect Test cricket.

The current administration has completely ignored public interest, the demand and plea for Test cricket, and instead promoted the shorter formats of the game for financial benefit of individuals and corporations, not the cricket loving public.

It is our belief that the future of Test cricket in Sri Lanka is at a significant risk of deterioration, and is the unfortunate victim of the present cricket administration.

We have no faith or confidence in the present Sri Lanka Cricket administration to deliver on their own initiatives.

Their own product of Sri Lanka's version of the IPL, SLPL, was sold by Sri Lanka Cricket administrators as their masterstroke event that was put together by their best brains. Within just a year, the huge failure of this event and all of the decisions made as part of this event only highlights all of the facts pointing to the level of incompetence within the current cricket administration.

We wish to remind his excellency, the president of Sri Lanka, of the unconditional trust and faith we have placed in his leadership and commitment to the public.

By signing this petition, we, the cricket loving public wish to ask that he take immediate action to:

1. Remove the current cricket administration and place the governing of cricket within an interim committee headed by a reputed, trusted and ethical individual. Topping such a list right now would be Micheal Tissera, Vijay Mallalasekera or Ana Punchihewa.

2. Provide the interim-committee sufficient time and authority to refocus on what is in the best interest of Sri Lanka Cricket and plan for a fair and democratic transfer of the administration of cricket to qualified individuals with high moral and ethical standards