Vote NO to rezoning 6100 and 6108 Cantrell Road from Residential to Commercial

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Dear Mayor Stodola and Little Rock Board of Directors:

We, the undersigned, strongly oppose the rezoning from Residential to Commercial (File No. Z-4816-B), as well as the Land Use Plan Amendment from Residential Low Density to Neighborhood Commercial (File No. LU16-03-01), both for the two lots located at 6100 and 6108 Cantrell Road, currently occupied and surrounded by homes, in the City of Little Rock, Arkansas, for the development of a restaurant.

We respectfully ask for no zoning change on these two lots for the reasons as follows:

1.  The neighborhood does not support:

•Heights Neighborhood Association members and many neighborhood residents are against.
•Lack of information presented: the only knowns are that the owners of the two properties are applying to rezone the two lots for the purpose of a restaurant and that said restaurant will not have a drive-thru. The unknowns are the building's sole purpose; its location within its context; its appearance; its operating hours.
•No neighborhood engagement: the owners of the two properties and the developer have not held meetings to gather feedback from the community and have not presented a tangible vision or drawings to illustrate the building.
•Vacant lots should be considered for commercial development before rezoning residential to commercial.
•Insufficient road structure: The intersection at Cantrell Road and University Avenue is a highly congested area and cannot handle the dramatic increase in traffic if rezoning is permitted.
•The Heights is a highly sought after neighborhood by both individuals and families seeking residential properties.

2.  There has been no change to the neighborhood justifying the rezoning:

•Currently, the most commercial activity that takes place occurs within the bounds of North University Avenue over to North Polk Street and from Cantrell Road back to Kavanaugh Boulevard. The rezoning is not necessary to encourage the development of the property.
•There has been no approval of rezoning 6100 Cantrell Road dating back to 1974.
•Rezoning the property is inconsistent within the neighborhood context and will have an adverse impact on the adjacent residential properties to the west, northwest and south.
•The Planning Commission voted against the rezoning and the Land Use Plan Amendment application.

For the reasons stated, we urge you to vote against the rezoning and Land Use Plan Amendment of these two properties.

Thank you.

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