Vote “No” on establishing the Comfort Women statue in San Francisco

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The establishment of the comfort women statue will bring about inaccurate views on history. Additionally, this comfort women statue could bring disharmony within different ethnicity groups. We, Peaceful Community for Children, are taking actions to stop the establishment of the comfort women statue in San Francisco. Peaceful Community for Children strives to protect the future of children through educating on proper historical perspective.


正しい歴史観によって子ども達を教育し、国境を越えてお互いを理解しながら子供達の未来を守る Peaceful Community for Children

Issue of Comfort Women

In recent years, the Japanese Army’s system has been accused of coercing young women, the “comfort women” issue, to work as prostitutes in army field brothels.

Source: page 4 of IWG report

However in 2007, the IWG, Interagency Working Group, embarked on gathering data and analyzing data in regards to the comfort women issue and Japanese War crimes. Over 8.5 million pages of records related to Japanese and Nazi war crimes have been identified among Federal Government records and opened to the public. In all, the IWG estimates that the implementation of the two Disclosure Acts cost taxpayers $30 million. Extensive and thorough research has been done but the evidence of the Japanese Army coercing Asian women into sex slavery were not found.

Below are research document regarding the report:
Introductory Essay

Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group Final Report to the United States Congress April 2007