Say No to hate speech and discrimination.

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Under Australian Law, religion is not included under the Federal antidiscrimination Act. Currently,  Victoria is leading the way with a commonwealth legislation on the ground of religious vilification. Yes together we can make a change.

Many studies have indicated that vilification and discrimination based on religion, leads to violence. Rachel Bloul et al, indicated in her research article, that there is no doubt islamophobia is on the rise in Australia.

Undoubtedly recent event in Christchurch, New Zealand, had shaken allot of us. While many feel helpless, some ponder of a preventative measure.

'I recall the three-year-old Muca Ibrahim, the youngest of the 50 victims to be shot, while the 71-year-old grandfather was the terrorist's first victim to be named publicly.'

In her research, Rachel Bloul indicated that over ten European countries have developed legislation on discrimination based on religious grounds. 

We believe in a fair go, lets put our hands together to promote peace and harmony in this great land of ours, free from abuse, violence and discrimination.

We request the government to strengthen the human rights antidiscrimination laws to protect and safeguard the communities from religious vilification and discrimination for all religions.