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Tell Congress to vote against increased war funding

Congress is preparing to vote on another supplemental funding  bill of $83.4 billion for the occupation of Iraq and escalation of the war in Afghanistan.

Sign our petition to end the war in Afghanistan

Of the $83.4 billion requested by President Obama in the supplemental, 95% of the funding is for direct military operations.

Call your representative today at 1-800-828-0498 to let them know you oppose the supplemtal funding for more for war and occupation. Ask them to vote against the funding bill and show leadership to shift the US role in Afghanistan from military to diplomacy and humanitarian aid

You and I know military force will not eliminate support for terrorism in Afghanistan. According to the RAND Corporation, since 1968 only 7% of terrorist groups which were eliminated by outside forces ended because of military force. The others ended as a result of political reconciliation and intelligence work.

And the escalation of US troops is not supported by Afghans, making military force unlikely to succeed and instead causing the US engagement in Afghanistan to drag on indefinitely and risk becoming another Iraq. In the latest of a series of surveys conducted by ABC & BBC, only 18% of Afghans favor an increase in the US military presence.

Sinking billions of dollars into a war in Afghanistan, while the one in Iraq lingers on, will not make us any safer, and only divert attention and resources away from domestic needs, and humanitarian and diplomatic foreign policies that would make us safer.

Contact your representative today to urge him or her to vote against the supplemental war funding bill, and instead shift the focus in Afghanistan from a military escalation to diplomatic and humanitarian solutions.

Kevin M. Martin
Executive Director
Peace Action