Vote AGAINST Circle K's downtown liquor license application

As a resident, property owner, and/or supporter of Downtown Phx,

I do NOT support Circle K's proposed mega gas station for the southeast corner of 7th Street & Roosevelt -- nor its liquor license application. Not only is this gigantic auto-centric development completely counter to the community's long-standing efforts to create a walkable downtown, but Circle K properties are notoriously and empirically riddled with crime, many of which are so out-of-compliance that they are eligible to have their liquor licenses revoked. [2012 ASU study]

Please come down on the side of the community, and recommend to the State Liquor Board that they REJECT Circle K's application.

Note that the following community organizations also oppose Circle K's application:
~ Garfield Organization
~ Evans Churchill Community Association
~ Roosevelt Row CDC
~ Downtown Voices Coalition
~ Phoenix Community Alliance
~ Thunderdome Neighborhood Association for Non-Auto Mobility

This petition was delivered to:
  • Councilman Waring
  • Councilman Valenzuela
  • Councilman DiCiccio
  • Councilman Nowakowski
  • Vice Mayor Johnson
  • Councilman Gates
  • Councilman Simplot
  • Councilwoman Williams
  • Phoenix City Council

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