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Volvo should retrofit ALL their cars and trucks with their "Life Paint"

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Volvo produces products that kill. They share the responsibility for 1.2 million traffic deaths - and millions more injuries - each year globally. 35,000 in both the EU and the US each year.

They have recently developed something they call "Life Paint", a spray-on liquid that increases visibility at night. The first thing an automobile manufacturer who takes responsibility seriously would do is immediately make it available to all of their customers around the world and implore them to apply it to their vehicles.

Instead, Volvo is running the classic smokescreen campaign. Trying to place responsibility on pedestrians and cyclists. Wagging their fingers and desperately trying to make them responsible for the carnage caused by Volvo and other Big Auto brands. Passing the buck.

Given the fact that black cars are most likely to be involved in crashes, followed by grey and silver cars - based on a Monash University study - applying Life Paint to vehicles would save lives.

We also urge Volvo to take their efforts to the next level. Applying health warnings on all their vehicles, warning of the dangers of driving to health through collision, emissions, noise pollution, etc. Virtually all health warnings on cigarette packs actually apply to automobiles. In addition, Volvo should begin production and promotion of motoring helmets for all car occupants, based on the evidence that Reduced Societal Harm would be decreased considerably if head protection was worn inside of cars, even those equipped with airbags and seatbelts.

But hey. Let's start with Life Paint on every Volvo on the planet. For society. For safety. For the children. For prevention of death and serious injury.

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