Allow Dave Barton to continue making Prancing Moose and other Volvo merch

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Recently Volvo Trademark Holdings has ordered the removal of all products
for sale in this site with a Volvo trademark image. 

"I have been a Volvo enthusiast for over 30 years. For more than 12 years I served as the president of the Southern California chapter of VCOA. I organized a lot of Volvo-related meets and shows, with many of them involving and coordinating with Volvo Public Relations Management from Volvo's offices in Irvine, California. Throughout this time the Volvo Prancing Moose was a very public image and Volvo was aware of it's scope and popularity among so many other Volvo owners attending those events. Since the stickers I made fostered positive relations between Volvo and Volvo car owners, there was never a hint of an objection.

After years of Volvo offering silent indifference, Volvo Trademark Holdings in Sweden has hired attorneys in the USA to order it to stop. Volvo states the use of their logo on all stickers or labels in these pages (i.e.; prancing moose, vintage 240 body labels, steering wheel overlays, grill overlays, etc.) is a threat to their brand. "

The famous Prancing Moose emblems and other products from Dave Barton have been a symbol for Volvo enthusiasts around the world for decades. If you go to any Volvo show around the world you will spot many cars proudly wearing the badge. Other enthusiasts even ask about the badge and are amused by and love it. 

Its a shame that Volvo has decided to go this route as it seems as if they are losing respect to all their long time enthusiasts and repeat customers. Volvo says that this is a threat to their brand, but not a single enthusiast thinks it is. In fact, we think this helps put Volvo on the map and show that it also has people that celebrate its cars. Also, Volvo always makes advertisements that include a Moose somewhere, so why prevent Dave Barton from making Volvo/Moose related merchandise? 

Solution: We as Volvo enthusiasts and the Volvo community as a whole think Volvo should allow Dave Barton to continue producing such products as they indirectly help keep the community alive. 

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