Save The Journey's End Animals and let them stay home!

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Volusia County is attempting to force Journey's End Animal Sanctuary, a licensed non-profit no-kill shelter, to kill a number of the animals on site, get rid of others, and pay for county tags for the rest.

Journey's End, located in DeLand, is run by Florence, a 91 year old animal lover who has dedicated her life and given her home to these animals. They take in the animals no one wants - the ones most people would seem unadoptable, providing them with live and medical care for the remainder of their lives. There are wheelchair dogs, senior animals, sick animals, and they even have horses, goats and chickens, in addition to dogs and cats. 

The property is well cared for and the animals are always given everything they need. Some are even provided with state of the art medical care toake them as comfortable as possible.

On July 15, 2019, Florence was told they would have to put down several animals, and tag the rest. Since when is a shelter required to buy tags for all of the animals? 

Please sign this petition letting Volusia County, as well as Governor Desantis know that we will not stand for this! Those animals deserve to live out their lives in peace! And Journey's End should be able to put their funds towards medical costs and the costs of feeding and caring for the animals, not buying County tags for over 100 animals.

(PLEASE NOTE: DONATING ON THIS PAGE DOES NOT DONATE TO JOURNEY'S END! IT ONLY PROMOTES THE PETITION. If you wish to promote and get the word out, please feel free but to donate to Journey's End, please visit their Facebook page and click on Fundraisers.  Thanks!)