Volkswagen should respect its customers with the faulty DSG gearboxes in Egypt

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I am one of the thousands of victims in Egypt who decided at a point in time to put their trust in Volkswagen and purchase its cars in Egypt despite the numerous reported failure cases of DSG gearbox due to different causes. This was based on the dealer's claims that 2012 model is defect free and that VW grants its performance. I own a Jetta 2012 model (Vin: WVWZZZ16ZCM107219) which at the beginning proved to be an excellent car, until the first failure happened at 75,000KM where I had to change the Clutch system. Not long after, the gearbox controller (Mechatronic device) had failed at 100,000KM and it got replaced.

Now, after another 100,000KM (i.e. at 200,000KM mileage) the controller fails again and VW Egypt denies to replace it and I am requested to pay 40,000EGP to get it fixed! I am requested to pay 40,000EGP for a design mistake of a faulty gearbox and controller that fails every 100,000KM obviously. I know people who owns cars of different marks for more than 10 years and they never changed a bolt in a gearbox. A big failure from VW to respect its customers and be accountable for issues in their cars. If you believe in my case, if you have been in the same situation or know someone who have been in the same situation, please sign the petition so that we get heard and be treated as respectful customers to a supposedly reputable company as Volkswagen.