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Voice for Word Choice

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What is one of your most negative qualities? What is something you struggle with? What is something about you that society has turned negative, even if there's nothing wrong with it?

Let's say you're too obsessive over insignificant things. How would YOU feel if every time someone acted obsessively over something, people verbally linked it to you?

Imagine how people who struggle with mental illnesses must feel when someone is labeled "bipolar" solely for changing their mind. Imagine how people who are gay must feel when a man with a "feminine" outfit is called "gay."  Imagine how people from low-income areas must feel when a cracked phone screen is considered "ghetto." 

This is not a regular petition- it's a pledge to not only stop using offensive phrases (i.e. "that's so gay," "you're retarded," "I look like a homeless person," etc.) but to say something when other people use these phrases.

We need to understand the effect word choice has on other people. We are contributing to stereotypes of certain groups of people. We are marginalizing and dehumanizing people in those groups. We are allowing people that look up to you to think that the use of these phrases is okay.

It isn't okay.

And it needs to stop. 

What we need to do:

Sign and share this pledge.
Stop using these harmful phrases.
Speak up when people say things that hurt others.
Thank you!

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