Vodafone to reinstate Turkey on roaming free tariff

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Turkey will be removed from the global roaming free zone!!!

Mobile operator Vodafone UK appears to have picked a lousy time to inform customers to remove Turkey from the global roaming free zone. Especially many customers will have been left stranded by the mass cancellation of flights until at least June 2020 between Turkey and UK, that they’re about to impose a £6 per day charge for them to continue using their text, call and data allowances.

Naturally, if you’ve just been left stuck in a country, which is not your home, by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation then that mobile phone in your pocket suddenly becomes much more essential for daily communication needs. Suffice to say that Vodafone’s significant price increase couldn’t have come at a worse time. (£6 per day)

When Vodafone announced in 2018 it was moving Turkey to ‘Roam-further’ status, there was an outcry from thousands of affected customers. A petition was launched by those angry at having to pay a daily fee on top of their UK monthly plan while they were in Turkey. Others threatened to ditch Vodafone as their mobile network provider. An online petition quickly took hold and has been signed by 965 people calling on Vodafone to reinstate Turkey on roaming free tariff. It seems the UK telecoms giant has heeded customer feedback as it has now confirmed it is withdrawing the plans to make Turkey ‘Roam-further’.You made this same exact decision in 2018, and then saw right away that this was not correct and stepped back. The fact that you removing only Turkey from this roaming-free zone list is not fair. Therefore, I would like to ask you to step back from this wrong and unfair decision.
If this decision will happen, I and the users (approximately 25000 people) like me will revert to a different operator which includes roaming free for Turkey. This means that many users will leave Vodafone or VOXI and this will cause a reduction in the company’s reputation.

Currently, Turkey will move to ‘Roam-further’ status again, it will badly affect many customers. For this reason, we need to be together, object to pay in more and complain about the Vodafone to get back from this decision. Turkey has to be roaming free countries with the other 51. We need to take this wrong decision to social media to express and sign below letter calling on Vodafone to reinstate Turkey on roaming free tariff.

Dear Chaired by Nick Read, you are responsible for the implementation and delivery of Vodafone’s strategy as agreed by the Board, and for all aspects of operational management. I hope you change your decision ASAP,

Many thanks,

Dr.Pinar Cimen