Hong Kong VTC must discover All CCTV of HKDI about Ms. Chan-Yin-Lam's death

Hong Kong VTC must discover All CCTV of HKDI about Ms. Chan-Yin-Lam's death

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Miss Chan-Yin-Lam (15 years old) is a student of Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) who was disappeared at 19th September 2019, and her family reported to Hong Kong Police after 48-hour (21st September 2019). 

According to the HK01 Press news report, at 22nd September 2019, a man discovered a human object without clothes at 100 meters surface near than Devil's Peak, Hong Kong Police got report and investigate, discovered one woman dead body ( 25 to 30 years old, height 1.5 meters, medium and long hair with gold color) ([1]:HK01 News Report)

At 25th September 2019, Someone posted a Missing People Notice to LIHKG to hope public help and provide more information about Miss Chan-Yin-Lam's disappeared ([2]: LIHKG - Chan-Yin-Lam Missing Notice). Afterward, one of LIHKG member 加乘哥 wondered the ([1]:HK01 News Report) is related to Miss Chan-Yin-Lam.

After Apple Daily had pushed Hong Kong Police to publicly reply about Miss Chan-Yin-Lam's status and relationship with the ([1]:HK01 News Report), Hong Kong PPRB replied on 5th September 2019, they believe the dead body found at 100 meters surface near than Devil's Peak is disappeared person Miss Chan-Yin-Lam. Afterward, Apple Daily sent letter to PPRB to ask for followup about the death of Miss Chan-Yin-Lam, it included suicide, murder, suspect and ask for confirmation about did Miss Chan-Yin-Lam got arrested or assist investigate coz by protesting. But PPRB just replied "do not have any information" on Press Con and replied by letter "The case is under investigated, Toxicological test and further investigation will confirm the cause of death of the dead body", which mean PPRB was still not confirm the dead body is Miss Chan-Yin-Lam or Miss Chan-Yin-Lam status of dead of alive. At 9th October 2019, Police replied "confirmed the dead body is Miss Chan-Yin-Lam" by speech. ([3]: Apple Daily - About the death of Chan-Yin-Lam).

At 11th October 2019, Mr. Kwong-Wing-Cheung (Hong Kong Police PPRB Assistant Chief Superintendent of Police) said, The dead body was found at 100 meters surface near than Devil's Peak confirmed she is Miss Chan-Yin-Lam, her body has cremated. Besides, After Toxicological test and dissection, they did not find any surface scar and evidence of sexual assault. Police investigated CCTV, found out Miss Chan-Yin-Lam left her belonging and walked to seafront park without shoes at  19th September 2019, so they confirmed her cause of death is not suspicious. ([4]: Stand News - Police confirmed Miss Chan-Yin-Lam's death and her body has Cremated)

However, Apple Daily contacted her friends, they don't believe Miss Chan-Yin-Lam suicide, and doubt her cause of death is not simple.

At 14th October 2019, HKDI's students went to HKDI asked for the fully CCTV recordings of 16th September 2019 to 19 September 2019 to clear the doubtful points of the disappearance and death of Miss Chan-Yin-Lam. However, 16:00 HKDI just discovered 2 modified videos ([5]:HK01 - HKDI discover 2 modified CCTV videos / Stand News), the students doubt the modified videos are hiding the truth, the important information has been cut out. 

The 2 modified CCTV videos detail are ([6]: HKCNews - The modified CCTV videos detail / [7]: The modified videos):

The first CCTV video was recording inside the lift, the start of the video, A group of people inside the lift, the CCTV display time is "09-19-2019 17:30:13", No sign of the Miss Chan-Yin-Lam in the group. and then video has jumped to "09-19-2019 17:51:19" (the youtube video 23th second), the video are showing a girl who wears black vest and pant inside the lift, HKDI pointed out she is Miss Chan-Yin-Lam, She is holding a set of documents, this time a man who wears white T-shirt is also inside the lift. after 1 second, the video back forwards to "09-19-2019 17:50:59" , and then the video has jumped to "09-19-2019 17:50:42", it was recording Miss Chan-Yin-Lam was walking into the lift.

The student who was in HKDI discovering CCTV cons found out, Miss Chan-Yin-Lam wears black shoes in the video, they pointed out she walked into the lift from G/F, and then the lift was going up to 1/F and go up forward, the video showed Miss Chan-Yin-Lam was waiting inside the lift, when "09-19-2019 17:51:06", the lift door opened, She was walking closely of door, but no floor info shown, However, HKDI won't play the video, the students feel dissatisfied and started to argue.

After argument, HKDI played more 2 seconds of the video, the video showed Miss Chan-Yin-Lam look at the door, the man who wears white T-shirt would walk into the lift. and then HKDI back forward the video to "09-19-2019 17:30:16" which is the start of the video, a group of people inside the lift, and then HKDI close the video player, the student in the room feel strongly dissatisfied.

The second CCTV video was recording the car parking area, the top-left of the camera is the pathway outside the HKDI, the start of video display time is "09-19-2019 18:34:15", and then the video jumped to "09-19-2019 19:01:22" > "09-19-2019 18:59:58" > "09-19-2019 18:58:05", and then start play the video, once playing on "09-19-2019 18:58:57", the video jumped back to "09-19-2019 18:58:56" and playing forward to "09-19-2019 18:59:20" (the youtube video 2nd minute and 20th second). HKDI pointed out the top-left silhouette is Miss Chan-Yin-Lam, she was walking on the pathway outside the HKDI. but the silhouette face cannot be recognized, so the student inside the room doubted HKDI "How to recognize she is Miss Chan-Yin-Lam?", "If this silhouette can be recognized is her, so you have other videos to proof she is Miss Chan-Yin-Lam!", after then, the student asked for played back the "09-19-2019 18:58:57" and doubt the video is modified, and discover all and fully CCTV videos to proof the status of Miss Chan-Yin-Lam when she was in the school, But HKDI did not reply. 

20:00 of 14th October 2019, The security guards of HKDI was moving out the CCTV, the student doubted HKDI would destroy the CCTV records, and then the manager of HKDI security said "For 2 set of servers and its CCTV records safe, we move out and store it the safe place in the school, and confirmed the all and fully CCTV recordings is still existing of 19th September 2019 and keep it 30 days. Besides, only him can touch with HKDI, so no chance for Police take it out."

At 21:45 of 14th October 2019, HKDI said the original CCTV videos are lost, Meanwhile, because the videos included other person faces which cause of personal privacy, so they cannot discover to public. ([8]: HK01: 21:45 reply)

At 02:00 of 14th October 2019, HKDI announced, because of the situation of school, From 15th October 2019 to 17th October 2019, All courses, lectures and tutorials of IVE(Lee Wai Lee), HKDI, Youth Collage(International) – Design and Pro-Act (Jewelry) where attends in HKDI campus will be cancelled. ([9]: HK01 - HKDI cancel all courses in HKDI Campus)

so We are doubt the case has doubtful points:

1. Miss Chan-Yin-Lam is a swimming expert, she was a member of Diving team, she can diving from 5 meters high to 5 meters deep swimming pool and get back to the ground by herself. Why swimming expert would choose the suicide way by sink.

2. When discovered Miss Chan-Yin-Lam, she didn't wear any clothes and shoes, and Police said Miss Chan-Yin-Lam left her belonging and her shoes at school before she went seafront park, However, No one find her belonging at school include her shoes. it is different than Police said, she left belonging and her shoes in the school.

3. HKDI said because the videos have recorded other person faces and it's personal privacy issue, so HKDI would not discover to public other videos, However, Mr Stephen Kai-yi WONG (The Commissioner of Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong) has replied to press on 15th October 2019, CCTV collect information is only for security issue, if the usage change, must be seeking for agree of be-recorded person. Meanwhile, Institute can cover the faces of other person in the video to prevent personal privacy issue. However, if for crime prevention, investigation or involving public interest, discover the video with other personal privacy and information can be excluded by the law. ([10]: HK01: The Commissor of PCPD replied ), so HKDI should discover the all and fully CCTV videos about or according to the disappearance and death of Miss Chan-Yin-Lam to fulfill for crime prevention, investigation or involving public interest to clear the public worries.

4. The manager of HKDI security had said, "The all and fully CCTV videos are safe and still existing", But why HKDI said, "The original videos are lost" after 2 hours of the manager said?

5. HKDI closes the HKDI campus from 15 to 17 October 2019, and get back from 18th October 2019. As you know, the 19th September 2019 CCTV videos will be kept 30 days from the recording day, 18th October 2019 is the last day of the CCTV videos kept, Why closes the HKDI campus for the coincidence timing, Does HKDI would like to be waiting the all and fully CCTV videos deletion automatically?

6. For the public interest, crime investigation and the truth of the disappearance and death of Miss Chan-Yin-Lam, Why don't HKDI takes action to backup the original CCTV videos copy to keep safe? This is simple common sense, why don't you take action?

7. Is VTC and HKDI are hiding something and someone secret about the disappearance and death of Miss Chan-Yin-Lam? The Education Worker should have protect the student and keep the truth always true. However, the action you took not like this, You are hiding something and don't wanna the truth of the disappearance and death of Miss Chan-Yin-Lam discovered. What are you hiding?

Lastly, For the public interest, justice, conscience and for pursuing the truth, We are demanding VTC and HKDI discover the all and fully CCTV videos and don't make any trick to try to fool public's eyes. Please follow your heart to make conscience and pursuing the truth, these are the missions of the Education Worker.

The Hongkongers.

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