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The animal life of Ukraine is diverse, There are 45,000 faunal species reported. mammal species number about 108, birds number about 400 species , there are 21 species of reptiles, fish (including subspecies) number about 200, and amphibians number 17 species. There are about 35,000 invertebrates which include species of insects (of which 12 species are reported endemic). The Carpathian and the Crimea region are the dominant habitats of endemic species. Some of the fauna reported are the European ground squirrel, European Bison,
European shag , steppe polecat and Eurasian elk.

A wide variety of birds are found in Ukraine, those reported including game birds, Nighthawks, Raptors, Song Birds, Swifts, Waders & Waterfowl. Some of the bird species noted are Black Grouse, Hazel Grouse, Gull, Owl, And Partridges, While Duck, Stork, And Wild Goose, which are migratory. The total number of migratory birds is reported as 100 species.

Mammals include Eurasian Elk, Fox, Marten, Mouflon, Roe Deer, Wildcat, Wild Pig, And Wolf. Rodents mentioned are Mice and Jerboas. Some of the fish species recorded include Perch, Pike, Sterlet and Sturgeon. Aqua fauna of the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov and estuary have 32 animal species which belong to the
Pontic–Caspian Steppe region.

There are approximately 385 endangered species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. These are made up of 41 species of mammals, 67 species of birds, 8 species of amphibians and reptiles, 32 species of fish, 173 species of insects, 12 species of molluscs, 26 species of cancroids, 7 species of annelid, 3 species of centipedes, 2 species of nematodes, 2 species of hydro polyps and 2 species of chubby-faced.

Numerous nature and game reserves reflect Ukraine’s commitment to the conservation of its biological heritage. The country’s first nature reserve, Askaniya-Nova, began as a private wildlife refuge in 1875; today it protects a portion of virgin steppe.

The separate sections of the Ukrainian Steppe Reserve also preserve various types of steppe. The Black Sea Nature Reserve shelters many species of waterfowl and is the only Ukrainian breeding ground of the Mediterranean.

World Wildlife Day, is observed on 3rd March around the world, on this occasion, Adventure & Wildlife Magazine is conducting a 'PROTEST WALK AGAINST WAR IN UKRAINE DAMAGING FLORA AND FAUNA '  3RD MARCH 2022, 11:00 AM in front of PRESS CLUB. 

Let us highlight the issue and bring this to the notice of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to Stop the ongoing war as the Flora & Fauna around Ukraine is suffering from irreparable damage.

116 have signed. Let’s get to 200!