Stop illegal logging in Russia

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     Illegal logging in Russia has been prevalent for many years now. However, not many people know about this problem. Russian leaders do not do anything about this problem. Here's why this is important:

1. Russian forests are being pushed to destruction from large-scale illegal logging.
Wood from illegal logging is used to supply Chinese furniture and manufactures, who then export to the US and Europe.

2. The scale of this illegal activity is demonstrated by WWF Russia who has conducted 10 years of on-the-ground field observations.

3. Reports show that Russia’s forest sector is deeply criminalized from poor law enforcement. Bribery and corruption between Russian law enforcement is common. 

4. Illegal logging allows illegal loggers to plunder valuable timber stocks of oak, ash, elm, and linden with impunity.

5. Logging companies are cutting down more trees than they are permitted. Illegal timber companies have forged paperwork and timber is being illegally shipped to China and the U.S. 

Some effects of deforestation include the acceleration of global warming, soil erosion, flooding, and animal displacement.

Every year, an average of over 16,000 square miles of trees are deforested, most of which are boreal forests. Russia has over a fifth of the world's forests, and much of it is being lost by illegal logging. 

We petition the Ministry of Natural Resources to encourage and regulate legal logging, ban clearcutting, and implement stricter laws to counteract the illegal logging in Russia. 

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