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Stop the manufacture of Premarin

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The most commonly known drugs derived from estrogen rich urine of pregnant mares are the Premarin family of drugs, which include Premstoppers, Premoac-C and Premphase.  The Premarin family of drugs are used for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for the relief of menopausal symptoms. 

Harvested for their urine, the horses suffer terribly. For most of their 11 month pregnancy they are kept continually in stalls too small for them to even turn round or take more than one step in any direction, for their urine to be collected by bulky tubing attached to their bodies at all times which causes chafing and lesions. 

Mares are taken off the "pee line" a couple of months before they foal. Once the foals are born, the mares are re-impregnated. This cycle continues for about 12 years.

Sadly, foals are considered just a byproduct and are known as PMU foals. Some foals will die soon after birth, of those who survive the majority will be sent to auction where they are sold for slaughter. As soon as the mares become pregnant again their foal will be taken away at the premature age of just three to four months. Most mares naturally resist separation from their babies so are often whipped, kicked, or beaten with an electric prod until they finally allow their foal to be taken. A few of the filleys will be raised to be "Premarin mares" and join the production line.

There are many synthetic drugs that are equally effective such as cenestine, estrace, estraderm to name just a few. The women's health initiative have also found that Premarin has no meaningful effects it is effective for a short term relief from hot flashes but nothing else. 

We must try to stop this barbaric production and educate people into what they are taking and the alternatives that are available. Please sign this petition and let's try and help and save these thousand of horses and foals from this torture.

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