Shift semester end exams in VTU colleges to online mode due to pandemic situation.

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Amidst this pandemic situation colleges in Bangalore are conducting offline semester end exams .With students arriving from different parts of the country, chances of COVID outbreak on campus is very high(which has been seen in the recent case of COVID outbreak on the campus of IIT Madras).Conducting offline exams puts the health of thousands of students and staff members in serious jeopardy .During this pandemic situation many households are facing financial difficulties and sending their wards to colleges will only worsen this situation(keeping in mind the cost of travelling which is high as many students live in various parts of country).

This whole semester has been conducted in online mode which has made it very difficult for students to understand concepts.Now asking students from different parts of the country to travel to colleges just for final exams doesn't seems feasible.Also it is very difficult for students to maintain social distancing in hostels(which accomodate 2-3 students per room) .Common washrooms in the hostels and one mess for the entire hostel increases the chance of outbreak on the campus.There is also a possibility of second wave of COVID in Bangalore in the coming days(which has been highlighted by the experts)which raises the concerns of outbreak on the campus.Also the day scholar students returning from colleges risk spreading the virus to their family members(which may include elderly people for whom this virus is deadly)

Also examinations through online mode have been conducted successfully(as in the case of internals this semester as well as the last semester).No parents are in support of sending their ward to the colleges for exams due to their genuine concern of their wards' safety.Also shifting this semester end exam to online mode will not set a wrong precedent as pandemics are very rare.These extraordinary situation demands extraordinary decisions.Also semester end exam through online mode have been conducted in many premier institutes like IITs and NITs.Keeping all these concerns in mind and also the safety of students as well as the staff members of the colleges it is in the best interest that the semester end exams are shifted to online mode.

We request VTU(Visvesvaraya Technological University)to look into this and shift exams to online mode.