Please choose Middle School Boundary Plan F.

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We need to strive for equal diversity for ethnicity, socioeconomic, and EL learners at all schools.  Not only will it create equal opportunity for all Visalia Unified students, but it will create a community of acceptance of differences.  This and complaints from each of the Plans are the reasons that Plan F was created. 

Here is a list of the problems of the other Plans.

Plan A 

  • Willow Glen borders Green Acres. Students that live across the street from Green Acres must go to the new middle. They must travel 3 miles to the new middle school.  Other students from Willow Glen must travel 4 miles. This does not make sense.
  • Variances are just too high.
  • Plan F is a similar plan(3 changes) with lower variances.

Plan B

  • Veva Blunt is only 1 mile from La Joya , but is mapped into the new middle which is 4 miles away and across the Highway.  Traffic on Acres is bad.
  • Willow Glen is the only school going to Green Acres that is slated to go to Mt. Whitney.  All other students at Green Acres will go to Redwood.
  • Willow Glen borders Redwood.  Students that live right across the street from Redwood cannot go there.  That does not make sense.
  • Both variances are about 15% - this is too high.
  • Plan F fixes all these problems. 

Plan C

  • Shannon Ranch must travel 4-5 miles to Valley Oak and they live much closer to both the New Middle and Green Acres.  This does not make sense.
  • Green Acres has a 53% projected utilization, leaving it half empty.  Green Acres is in the middle of the city and will not grow as fast as the other schools.  This number says that this Plan is not a good long term plan.
  • Although many people have expressed they like this plan because of the low variances, not being a long term plan, this plan should be taken off the table.
  • Plan F fixes all these problems. It  fills Green Acres, moves SR to a closer school and has variances which are just as low.  

Plan D

  • Variances are extremely high, almost 17% and 25%.
  • The top 3 scoring schools are taken out of Green Acres which coincidentally happen to be the 3 with the lowest percentage of minorities. 
  • Green Acres has the lowest capacity (63%) and so this is not a good long term plan since Green Acres is located in the center of our city.
  • Plan F puts 1 of those 3 schools back into Green Acres to even out the diversity.

Middle School Plan F

  • Similar to plan A, but lowers the variances by adding Royal Oaks to Green Acres and fixes border problems by swapping Fairview and Willow Glen.  Fairview is straight across Riggin to the new middle.
  • This is a long term plan it fixes the problems of Plan C by adding 2 schools to Green Acres.  
  • Shannon Ranch feeds into Green Acres in Plan F. This is necessary to create equal diversity.  Shannon Ranch is directly north of Green Acres and  Shannon Ranch Elementary is almost a half mile closer to Green Acres than the new middle.  At Riggin on the corner of Shannon Ranch, it is a direct route to Green Acres and is only 1 mile away– and there is also a nice bike path all the way down.
  • Most growth of the city is projected to be the NW and SE and plan F keeps room for growth these schools at only a 73% utilization.  

Plan F has long term potential, equalizes diversity without additional busing and addresses many concerns that have been brought up at the boundary meetings.   Please support Plan F as a choice for our new boundaries for middle school by signing this petition.

High School Plan F - This plan was denied.  The district said 2 schools must be taken out of Redwood.

Keep our current boundaries except switch Pinkham to Golden West and move out all of Highland from Redwood and move to Mt. Whitney.  This plan will fit with Middle school Plan F the best and disrupt the current boundaries the least.  This would basically be Plan A2 but adding Hurley and Royal Oaks to Redwood. 

Here is a link to the other proposed boundary maps:


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