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Make Lane Splitting Legal in Virginia

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Lane Splitting is just another incentive for motorists to choose a more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient choice by riding a motorbike.  Multiple studies have shown that while moving no more that 10 miles an hour faster than surrounding traffic, lane splitting poses no additional threat to both motorcyclist and other motorists on the Virginia roadways. 


The study shows lane-splitters, by and large, to be safer and more watchful than motorcyclists who don’t weave through traffic. Lane-splitters were more likely to don full-face helmets (79 percent did, versus 64 percent for non-splitters), “notably less likely” to suffer head, torso, or fatal injuries, and less apt to be under the influence of alcohol.


The most prudent part of being able to lane split is the act of "Filtering" .  This is where motorcyclists can move to the front when stopped at a stoplight.  Flitering greatly reduces the chances of a motorcyclists being rear ended by another vehicle. 


Updating the law will allow for safer roadways for motorcyclists and decrease unneeded fatalities.

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