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Virginia’s House of Delegates -54th District: Modify laws regarding pets being kept outside for their safety.

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Currently, there is no law against the cruel act of tying your pet up outside for any given amount of time. I witnessed today an elderly dog that is tied outside 24/7. Although shelter was provided, by the current law (a dog house), it is no quality of life for a dog to be tied outside for extended periods of time. These animals, who give us their unconditional love, and can not provide for themselves, rely on US, as their owners, to care for them, as we would any member of our family. Would you tie your child on a 6 foot leash for days on end, with nothing but a 'dog house' , blanket, and bowl of water?? Well this what is happening to these pets. No love, no warmth, no exercise, no play, just a fixture in the backyards of pet owners who don't care. I also believe canines should have more room to roam when tied out, as many times, they wrap themselves around a tree, Doubling the length of the tie out from 3 times to 6 times, would lessen the chances of canines getting hurt or choking themselves (currently it is 3 times the length of the dog's nose to end) Although it is not a "crime" to be within these guidelines, it is without a doubt "cruel". I urge a law to be put in effect which requires an animal to be tied or kept outside of the home no longer than 10 hours at a time. In the case of severe weather conditions, such as storms, temperatures below 45 degrees or above 80 degrees, no animal shall be kept outside for more than 4 hours at one given time. Please help these animals who can not help themselves. They don't have a voice- but WE do!!!!

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