Address Issues of Racism at VMI and Tear Down the VMI Statue of Stonewall Jackson!!!

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The Virginia Military Institute strives on the tradition and structure that it was built on in 1839. Unfortunately, that same tradition and structure has been the root of racism at the institute. This petition was created with the purpose of forcing VMI to acknowledge the racism and black prejudice that still occurs at VMI. A starting point do doing that is to tear down the statue of Stonewall Jackson, a confederate general.


For the longest, cadets were required to salute the statue of Stonewall Jackson, and were punished if they didn’t. This rule was only changed in 2019. Cadets are also forced in rituals, traditions, and holidays of confederacy.


There has been story on top of story of racism and black prejudice within the walls of the institute. However VMI has not once acknowledged allegations nor has there been any just punishment to the doers of this racism and black prejudice. VMI tends to Always “sweep It under the rug”


Many have remained silent as VMI also tends to take action on those who “bring shame on the institute” or “unbecoming of a cadet” as they call it. But now is the time to stand up! Please sign this petition and force VMI to acknowledge racism and black prejudice, and also to tear down the statue of Stonewall Jackson!