Keep Virginia Roads Safe

Keep Virginia Roads Safe

January 7, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by st billingsley

Oppose Elimination of the Virginia State Vehicle Safety Inspection Program

In Virginia, it is required by law to have your vehicle inspected annually. The purpose of these inspections is for safety.

It is a very important program to ensure safety of the vehicle you are driving and the vehicles around you.

What Does a VA Vehicle Safety Inspection Cover?

The Commonwealth of Virginia requires state safety inspections annually to ensure that cars driven on its roads meet certain safety standards, a precaution that reduces accidents and related injuries.

To that end, the Virginia vehicle safety inspection covers major mechanical and accident avoidance systems including:

1. Brakes (and parking brake)

2. Headlights

3. Signal Lights

4. Other Lights (and rear license plate light)

5. Steering

6. Suspension

7. Exhaust System

8. Emission Control

9. Fuel System

10. Tires and Wheels

11. Hood Latch

12. Windshield (and other glass)

13. Windshield Wipers

14. Mirror

15. Doors

16. Seats

17. Seat belts

18. Air Bag (and air bag readiness light)

19. Floor Pan

20. Defroster

21. Horn

Please Sign This Petition

The Virginia General Assembly has introduced legislation to eliminate the vehicle safety inspection program.

Please sign our petition telling Legislators that you oppose the elimination of the state vehicle safety inspection program.

Help us keep our roads, families and vehicles safe!

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Signatures: 9,971Next Goal: 10,000
Support now

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