Fund Childhood Cancer Research in Virginia

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Right now $0 of the $20 million cancer budget is designated to childhood cancer in Virginia. I find this unacceptable and unfair. Our children are our future and every day, 43 parents hear the words, "your child has cancer." 

We were one of those parents. On October 4, 2018 our world forever changed when we were told our 3 year old blonde, curly haired, spunky, bubbly little girl had cancer. Rowan was a fierce little girl who loved life, dance parties, her big sister, and loved to smile. Rowan was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia, AML M7, and after multiple rounds of chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant, and being announced cancer free, Rowan relapsed. Our only option, clinical trials, that ended up failing us. Rowan is now forever 4. She died on September 15, 2019. We miss her so much and our family is forever broken. 

Research and funding failed Rowan and is failing so many other children. These children fighting cancer are the bravest and strongest humans you will ever meet and they are Joy Machines. Funding for childhood cancer research could improve survival rates and find therapies that work. Funding could have saved Rowan. So please, choose to allocate money from the budget for childhood cancer research so you can save the next child, so you can save parents and siblings from the heartache and nightmare we are living. Make childhood cancer research a priority!

#RowanStrong #RowFightWin