Stiffer laws for sexual abuse towards children

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I am a child of sexual abuse. Everyday since the moment my innocence was stolen I've had to learn how to live with pain so great that at times it has almost consumed me. I was left with no visible scars to help me explain the atrocity that I had endured by someone who was supposed to protect me and keep me safe from harm. It was a burden I had to carry all alone until the day I was forced to prove it. Everytime Ive shared my story I relived the abuse all over again. My mom was the only one who believed in me, everyone else said I was making it up. Even after I was taken to gynecologist and given a pap smear at 8 yrs old. My mother was told there was so much scar tissue that I may not ever be able bear children.

I cannot explain to you easily what happened to that 8 year old little girl. My life became a hell hole I couldn't escape from. I couldn't trust anyone and no one could understand my pain. I was different and the suffering was so great I didn't know what to do. I cut my wrists and began self mutilating when I was 13yrs old and had to be hospitalized for several months in a psychiatric ward.  I was then court ordered into therapy for a year and did a year on my own.  When i was 15 I took an overdose of pills and then again when I was 23. In between that I formed an addiction with numbing myself as a way to cope and somewhere within all that I developed suicidal ideation where i constantly longed for my demise and sometimes would plot it.  I didn't enjoy a minute of my life because I was too busy trying not to deal with it. I ended up with a epic drug addiction and several stints in prison and jail. I've also attended countless counseling services. My life had been forever altered by one twisted man's idea of a good time. 

I've only described a small portion of what a survivor faces the minute that monster pushes off of you. I didn't even get to get into the shame,  the uncontrollable thoughts that plague your mind constantly, the fear that anyone close to you will hurt you and most of all the feelings of such hopelessness that it causes you to want to end your life. Attorneys whose job it is to trip you up and make you the one at fault is the most sickest part of it all. It's bad enough when it happens but now the people you love also break you by accusing you of imagining it. No A person never fully recovers from sexual abuse but with a lot of hard work and dedication they'll eventually  just learn how to live with it. 

Why do we keep allowing this to happen to our children with only a slap on the wrist. As a grown adult I prayed my daughter or niece would never experience a  pain so unexplainable that it affects you to ur core so deeply.. but unfortunately my prayers went  unanswered. The perpetrator also a family member was charged with 6 counts of sexual contact with a minor 13-17 also involving object penetration. He recieved a  3 year jail sentence with those 3 years SUSPENDED and 1 year probation. And the kicker he doesn't have to register as a sex offender because he pleaded out. Come on are you kidding me guess where she's been the last year he was out living his life, going on vacations ,working a job with nothing in his life interrupted. In foster care going back and forth to a psychiatric wards for cutting herself. And fighting everyday to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. I ask all of you when will it end??


OUR children will have to literally learn how to walk, talk, eat & play all over again because they will no longer fit into the skin they used to. We need stiffer laws on sex crimes involving children and when I say stiffer, leaving a child to die slowly in a living hell should be one of the most heaviest punished crimes in virginia because they cannot protect themselves. The damages left of these shattered lives is what fills up most of the prison population today when it should be being used for the ones who are creating the damage. Let's make a stand NO LONGER WILL WE ALLOW THE INNOCENCE OF A SMALL CHILD TO BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED BY NOT PUNISHING THOSE WHO HAVE HURT THEM.  Im asking for MANDATORY JAIL SENTENCES no suspensions and at least a 5 year minimum probation period.  There are statues on people convicted of drugs why not child offenders.