Allow Employees of Virginia Beach to Defend their Lives During Workplace Violence

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We the people of the United States have the right to bear arms to protect our liberties, freedoms, and our very lives. This right is protected by the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution. Unfortunately, employees of The City of Virginia Beach (herein after The City) are not afforded these rights while engaged in such employment despite no restrictions on the general public possessing weapons while present in City buildings, properties or work sites nor while interacting with City employees.

In the wake of recent tragic events, it has become abundantly apparent that this employee weapons possession ban must end. Time and again we have tragically witnessed that gun-free zones are in fact some of the most dangerous and vulnerable places in America. 

We are petitioning to allow our properly permitted City personnel to have the right to bear arms and defend themselves while at work. Such arms will be required to remain concealed.

Please sign and help get the attention of The City of Virginia Beach’s City Council, City Manager and Mayor. This type of reform is now not being asked for, but demanded by the people of the United States.



The FBI reports 60% of the 160 active shooter incidents in the US between 2000 and 2013 ended before police arrived to the scene. They also report 86.2% of these 160 incidents occurred at places of employment. Those incidents resulted in 1043 causalities including 486 people killed. The FBI states, “Even when law enforcement was present or able to respond within minutes, civilians often had to make life and death decisions, and, therefore, should be engaged in training and discussions on decisions they may face.”  In 5 incidents (3.1%), the shooting ended after armed individuals who were not law enforcement personnel exchanged gunfire with the shooters.



The City currently requires employees be trained and prepare for an active shooter event, thus acknowledging such an event is likely.  Training includes 3 steps – run, hide, and fight.  Fighting with improvised weapons hastily constructed of office supplies makes no sense when some employees are properly licensed, trained, and able to defend their lives with the same force that either the active shooter or the responding police would be using.



The general public is allowed to enter many City properties and buildings without restriction on their possession of weapons.



We, the undersigned, call on The Virginia Beach City Council, City Manager and Mayor to amend The City’s employee weapons ban (City HR Policy 6.18) and give personnel who are properly licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia to carry a concealed handgun the ability to do so to protect their lives.