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Repeal Waunakee's Breed Specific Legislation that discriminates against dogs based on how they look.

Clay Lappen, a dog who lived peacefully in the Village of Waunakee, Wisconsin for 8 months barked at a stranger in early September. The police department told Clay's owner that since Clay appeared to be a prohibited breed in the village, she had 20 days to either get rid of him or move out of town.  

The Lexus Project has been brought in to challenge the ordinance.  The Lexus Project is seeking to litigate a civil rights action to protect Clay from threatened seizure and to challenge the consitutionaily of a BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) Ordinance in Waunakee, Wisconsin.  The ordinance fails to pass constitutional due process minimums for multiple reasons in that the ordinance does not define with sufficient specifity what constitues a pit bull terrier or the method by which such a determination may be made.  the ordinance does not provide any provision for a hearing or other method of challenging the determination. 

Breed Specific Legislation tears families apart, overburdens the nation's animal shelter system and costs the taxpayers' money.  Breed Specific Legislation has never been effective in reducing dog bites or enhancing public safety. Breed Specific Legislation is takes resources away from protecting the community from truly dangerous animals owned by reckless owners; including dangerous dogs not belonging to the targeted breeds.

Breed Specific Legislation penalizes honest, responsible dog owners, like Clay's owners who are now either forced to give up Clay who is a family member; or move. 

We all want safe, humane communities. Please sign Clay's petition to repeal Waunakee's BSL and replace it with good breed neutral legislation that will protect Waunakee citizens. 

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President, Board of Trustees John Laubmeier
Trustee Gary Herzberg
Trustee Stephen Kraus
and 4 others
Trustee Susan Springman
Trustee Gary Walden
Trustee Phil Willems
Trustee Chris Zellner
Please repeal Waunakee's Breed Specific Legislation that discriminates against dogs based on how they look. This legislation penalizes responsible dog owners, like Clay's owners, and does not protect the community from reckless owners and dangerous dogs.