Save Fougberg Park!

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The village of Pemberton’s Council has decided to make Fougberg Park into a Parking lot without ANY public consultation, without a development permit for change of use, and without Advisory Design Panel approval.  

There has been no traffic study to assess how this would affect local traffic.  There has been no updated hydrology report to assess how this would affect ground water.  There has been no public forum for the community at large to have their say.  There has not even even been any evidence presented to prove that this parking is even necessary.

We feel that this is an extremely hasty and irresponsible move and is not in the interest of our community as a whole.

We feel that the Park should be left as it is or improved, but certainly not made into a parking lot.

Please sign and share and let’s try to put a stop to this before it’s too late.  

Once public green space is lost, it never comes back.

Here is a link tot he Downtown wnjancement Plan, showing the park as a Park (not a parking lot):