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Cancel the massive Ritz-Carlton apartment-complex in North Hills, Nassau, NY, to preserve the last 20 acres of a historic old-growth forest

The old-growth forest is at the site of the proposed massive and grievously out-of-place condominium project. It is a vibrant, healthy, historic forest ecosystem that is a rare occurrence in the area. It will be almost completely destroyed if the project goes forward. The Village of North Hills has in the past 10-15 years continuously allowed developers to decimate its natural landscape. Almost nothing remains. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) urged Village official in a letter in 2005 to preserve this forest, but the Village effectively ignored it. Now the Village will again review the project at a meeting on October 23, 2013. The forest site was recognized by the New York State Natural Heritage Program as a special forest of the Oak-Tulip type. It is home to wildlife that has nowhere else to go, to beautiful towering trees (see photos at, and has in some places a forest-floor dramatically carpeted with old-growth vegetation. It is also located in a state-designated Special Ground Water Recharge Area. Since the woods have not yet been disturbed, all the parties can back off and leave the forest to continue its millennia-old existence. That is what should happen, because in this age of Global ecological and climate crisis, we cannot afford to destroy anymore of the natural world. We have done far too much damage already. Greed has had its day, and now is time for mankind to adopt a policy of ecological humility and peaceful coexistence with nature -- for all our sakes. This project is one that should now be cancelled for all the above reasons.

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