#ChangeLaGrange, allow Breweries/Distilleries

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Because of Village Code: 111.15 4.a brewery/distillery is prohibited in LG. * So lets change that!!!

La Grange IL is an amazing town with an awesome downtown. The core has an incredible feel (theater, dining, +events) that visitors and community alike greatly enjoy. But we do have a missing element. A piece many couples/families +visitors have come to expect from every vibrant downtown…

What do you do after a nice dinner (we have lots of restaurants to chose from) or fun event in LG? Nothing, because we have a outdated ordinance that would prevent the following desirable after-meal venues:

  • A hip brewery/distillery
  • A trendy martini/mixology bar
  • A classy wine bar

It is beginning to hurt our great town’s progress and image with residents that run away to more exciting towns. It’s not necessary kool  to be a dry city…

Wheaton figured this out (dry city brewing) and so did Oak Park (oak park brewing) both of which were dry towns similar history to La Grange. Ok, so here is the part of the code that needs to be removed 111.15 4.a which basically institutes a 60% liquor ordinance (poison pill) for anything outside of a only restaurant operation.

Reference to the code in the village books:


(page 16 of 42, paragraph 4)

Let’s make our voices heard and refine this silly and outdated ordinance. EVERYONE (not just La Grange residents) Please sign this petition and share on all of your social media channels as #ChangeLaGrange!