Cancel the "Pig Wrestling" event at the Caldron Falls Bar & Grill

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Caldron Falls Bar & Grill Expose

For the past 30 years at the Caldron Falls Bar & Grill in Wisconsin men and women have gathered to get drunk and torture and torment pigs who want no part in this event. Teams of four gang up on one pig who is fearing for their life. The pigs are tortured beyond belief and the women in the crowd are constantly harassed into showing their breasts. At the 2018 event, one of the workers who was hosing women to pressure them to undress pulled out his penis in front of a little girl and he never even had to register as a child sex offender. The suffering of these pigs used for this event is completely unnecessary and preventable. Causing immense pain to animals and making them fear for their life for the sake of entertainment is plain wrong.

What you can do:

Contact their sponsor Miller Lite: 1-800-645-5376 or email them

Contact Steve - 352-586-8695

Contact the Marinette County Sheriff's Department - 715-732-7600 /