Provide sufficient water to salt pan workers in L.R.K., Gujarat

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Can you imagine a day without water? I know I would find it very hard to get by. Now, imagine eating all your meals without salt? It won’t be enjoyable at all. Water and salt are essential to our lives.

Yet, we expect the people who make this essential salt for us to get by without water. 

India’s salt pan workers do heavy manual labour in the harsh sun without sufficient drinking water. They don’t even get sufficient water for their daily needs.

This is the dark side of our white salt.

More than 10,000 salt pan workers work in the Little Rann of Kutch (LRK) in Gujarat, living eight months of the year in temporary shelters. Their only source of water is a supply through tankers and even that, according to them, is irregular. 

The National Rural Drinking Water Programme is aiming to provide India’s rural population with 40 litres of water per person per day. LRK’s salt pan workers receive about 500 to 700 litres of water for a family of eight people every 20 days. That’s less than 5 litres of water a day per person. The salt workers say they take a bath once a month and all this in the middle of the hot desert!

That's why I have started this campaign to ensure that our salt pan workers receive a sufficient amount of water to drink and for their daily use. Sign my petition asking the Gujarat government to ensure that LRK’s salt pan workers receive water that is equal to 40 litres per person per day. 

Work in the salt pans involves hard physical labour. Years of working under such harsh conditions often take a toll on their health too. They suffer from skin lesions, severe eye problems, tuberculosis and abnormally thin legs, stiff with years of exposure to a high concentration of salt.

Can you imagine living a life this harsh without even adequate drinking water?

Sign my petition to make the lives of LRK's salt pan workers a little easier.

#મીઠા નું ૠણ ચુકવીએ.