Cancellation of exams for final year students

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As we all know, recently the Veer Narmad South Gujarat University announced that the examination for final year students will be held from 25th June 2020. We the students of VNSGU have some serious problems and confusion regarding this. We would like to bring your attention to the fact that, in this Pandemic scenario, is it really possible for students to give a written examination?

Surat is a city which has been a hotspot for Coronavirus with a total of 2,330 cases at present (approximately). The major difficulty that the city faced is the increase in asymptomatic (Coronavirus cases with no symptoms) cases of coronavirus. Due to this, the students are at risk and are afraid to attempt the examination. So we are seeking help as there are a lot of reasons to oppose the exam in the Pandemic situation and we are trying to bring your attention towards the major problems for opposing exams as stated below.


1. Students from various areas will gather at a commonplace. There will be various students coming from red zones which may infect other students. Also, all the students are instructed to gather an hour before the exam which may cause chaos and there's no guarantee that those students will not gather before and after exams.

2. Even if students pass through the thermal examination, how can you be sure that they do not have asymptomatic Coronavirus?

3. The students will carry their hall ticket with them for every exam. No one knows who will touch the hall ticket once they get back home and where the hall ticket would be kept. During the duration of the exam, the invigilator will go and sign everyone’s hall ticket not knowing who has been in contact with an infected person and will pass it on to the other students as well.

4. Surat has a rainy season in the month of June and July. As we all know the Corona virus can become a wildfire in the rainy season. Is it possible for all the students to have a transportation facility to reach the college safely? What if they are drenched before the examination and get sick due to that?

5.  This not only puts students at risk but also their family members. After facing so many difficulties, the Textile and Diamond market was opened amid this pandemic, but due to the gathering of students during an examination, there could be an increase in corona cases which would also affect their economy.

6. If someone gets infected from coronavirus due to the examination, who will be held responsible? Even if someone takes responsibility, you can't be sure that they will recover.

7. Just because the university is not prepared to take online examinations, it doesn't mean that they can put students under risk of written examinations. Why should the students suffer?

8. University needs to understand that the Corona virus has affected the entire world and not only them. Some students have been preparing for further studies and have to give other examinations like CAT, GPSC. Students were following a schedule to give those other examinations after their finals but due to pandemic, finals were postponed. Due to this, students are confused and stuck between the preparation of both the examinations. This has put them under a lot of mental stress.

9. There may be students who are suffering from common cold and cough and may be mistaken as Corona patient. Due to this, they won’t be able to give the examination and would waste their precious time putting their career on the line. This would also make them anxious about what disease they are suffering from, in turn affecting their psychological balance.

10. All of the students have perpetually worked hard for the past 5 semesters. The university can pass all the students based on their previous semester marks. While the world is fighting this huge pandemic, the university is concerned about the exams and not the lives of the many students they will be putting on the line. The students studied diligently and have reached the final semester. The least the university could do is pass all of them. 

As can be deduced by the points given above, simply put the students are at a high risk of getting infected due to the exams. Not to mention the mental stress that they are currently going through thinking about how they will give the exam. It’s a humble request to the government to cancel the exam and promote all the last year students based on their internal or previous semester marks, keeping in mind the importance of academics.  

Kindly consider this Petition.