Stop Daniel Andrews extending the state of emergency in Victoria.

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Victoria has had enough! 

Thanks to the Andrews Governemt, suicide, Domestic Violence, financial ruin and mental illness is on the rise.  This government has failed to acknowledge its role in this disaster and continues to punish Victorian citizens. It needs to be stopped. Power needs to be given back to Victorian citizens. 


On the 1st Daniel Andrews is going to propose to the Victorian Lower House the extension of the state of emergency in Victoria for another 12 months. This is on top of the 6 months that is about to expire. This continues to give police and law enforcement powers they wouldn’t normally have. Normally a state of emergency can only last for 6 months to protect citizens from an overreaching government. 

This will pass through the lower house as it is controlled by Labour but let’s put pressure on the upper house to vote against this amendment and take back our state. 

This petition will be presented to the Victorian Upper House in early September!