We wish to reverse the Victorian Labor Government ban on all recreational activities ASAP

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!

We wish to have the recreational activities such as fishing, hunting, hiking, metal detecting, motorcycle activities and camping ban removed!!!!

walking fishing hunting in the bush is safer from the Covid 19 than going shopping at your local supermarket or shopping centres. All social distancing practices are automatically active when hunting and fishing. No car loads of mates. Individuals on their own doing such activities is safer than shopping! We are exercising in a way that is good for us. It helps with your psychological outlook and helps with social distancing.

Mr Andrews needs to answer the reasons why , we in Victoria are the only state to have banned all recreational activities. When NSW & every other state have relaxed their recreational activities bans.

hopefully with this petition he may get that he is doing more harm than good!

many people use fishing or hunting or many other outdoors activities to relax and stay sane in this time of lock down. There will be less domestic violence and happier men and women in this great state.

mr Andrews, hopefully you see the signatures and understand the people who you represent as our Premier.