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Stop the legislation to allow a gun group the right to shoot cats

We cannot allow hunters to shoot cats that stray from houses on to public land under a controversial plan being pushed by a Victorian gun group. The Sporting Shooters Association of Victoria wants the State Government to change the law to allow hunters to kill any cat it considers a risk to native fauna. The push to legally destroy family pets and feral cats is among a range of changes the group is seeking. They include new hunting seasons for cockatoos and galahs, the vulnerable crested pigeon and new regulations for slaying of eastern grey kangaroos.

The Victorian government has just set up a new department Game Victoria which clearly demonstrates their commitment to supporting hunting in this state. 87% of Victorians want duck shooting banned as it has been in other states but this government ignores the community and is now actively encouraging further hunting. Make your voice be heard please email the Premier,

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Victorian Premier Victorian (Australian) Government
I just signed the following petition addressed to the Victorian State Government to oppose the legislation to allow a Victoria gun group the right to shoot domesticated & feral cats

The State Government should not allow the proposed bill to be passed that allows hunters to legally shoot family and feral cats.

The proposed bill is seriously flawed and immoral.

I don’t believe that animals should suffer the cruel fate of being shot for recreation. The government needs to invest in programs and education to reduce the feral cat population but inhumane shooting is not the answer.

Please do not allow this legislation to be passed.


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