Friends are just as important as intimate partners. Allow singles to have a visitor.

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The Covid-19 global pandemic has been catastrophic for public health, the economy and livelihoods across the globe. Victoria is currently experiencing a second wave and is 6 weeks into its Stage 4 lock down, on top of Stage 3 prior to this. For people living alone, without an "intimate partner," this means potentially months of isolation. Many people have never felt so lonely or disconnected, and no amount of zoom parties, phone calls, or chats to neighbours through our masks can substitute for the physical nearness of another human being. Apparently we're "all in this together" but people living alone are uniquely disadvantaged.

This petition is to request the Victorian Government to consider allowing single people to form a social bubble, effective as soon as possible. We urge the Government to consider the emerging mental health crisis, weigh up the relative potential public health risk, and decide in favour of humanity, trusting that the majority of us will continue to do the right thing to protect ourselves and each other from this virus. While the current Stage 4 restrictions do allow visits for the purposes of urgent care, this appears to be designed for crisis situations only rather than preventative social support. Explicitly allowing people living alone to have the same rights as intimate partners would make a profound difference to our experience of this pandemic, increase resilience and reduce the load on mental health services.