How many innocent women have to die before this lunacy stops?

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How many innocent women have to die in this country before someone changes what is going on. Every morning I wake up to another murder and nothing changes, why? Have we become that de-sensitised that this is normal? Not in my world!!!

Our daughter was murdered 3 years ago and I just can’t stand by anymore and see this lunacy continue. My wife asked me how can we make a change? Nothing changes for the better it only seems to get worse.

Well you know what, people power can change things. If we can get enough people to sign a petition and commit to a rally to the steps of parliament then maybe, just maybe they will take notice.

Please join my family and myself in an effort to stop this preventable occurrence from happening again and again.

People power is all our politicians understand and only people power can change things so please get on board and show your support.

Thank you