Support ALL small business affected by Victorian Lockdown

Support ALL small business affected by Victorian Lockdown

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Why this petition matters

Started by Jeremy James

Covid has taken its toll on a lot of small businesses through Victoria. We have endured some of the harshest and longest lockdowns to be seen throughout Australia. 

The Victorian Government released a grant which was marketed heavily as helping Victorias small businesses get through the snap lockdown imposed throughout all of Regional (1 week) and Metro (2 weeks at this stage) Victoria to help bring down the covid spread. 

Small businesses are ONLY eligible with their annual income being of $75K or more (whether charity or GST registered). As a small business owner myself with that annual turnover of not being $75K this leaves me in the dark, with no income or no support from the government bodies that have introduced this so called assistance. 

My definition of a small business is regardless of their turnover. Why is it that only those that make 75K or more are to be looked after more than someone that makes less. Why is it those who make $20K / $40K or even $50K have to suffer and struggle to make ends meet! 

please sign and share this around as fast as you can especially If you want to help push for ALL small businesses try to get a form of support.

The small businesses need your support more than ever.

This petition will be passed onto all media sources and pushed onto any local parliament bodies through the days. If you also have contact emails and such and wish to help us small businesses please forward to those parties also! 

Please help spread the word, we are suffering for far to long!

7,541 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!