Victoria University: Keep the Embassy of Israel Scholarship

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Dear Victoria University,

The undersigned wish to express their support for the continued endowment of the Israel Prize in Political Science & International Relations and it’s backing by the Israeli embassy.
Like all countries, Israel has a right to exist, as the homeland for Jewish people in peace and in harmony with its surrounding neighbours. We wish to emphasize that are many on both sides of the arab/Israeli conflict who have suffered and there are many reasons for the stalemate in the peace process. Both Israelis and Palestinians want an end to this terrible conflict, but it is widely recognised that this can only be through a political solution whereby both sides recognise each other’s rights.
An active petition calling for Victoria University to shut down the prize is dishonest, unproductive and offensive to Jews, Israelis and their supporters. The promotion of the idea that Israel or its government is solely responsible for the suffering of the Palestinian people is also highly discriminatory.
In response to this petition, the undersigned hereby lend support to the continued bestowment of the prize and call upon Victoria University to disregard any demand that does not consider the rights and responsibilities of ALL sides in the conflict.

Why is this important?
The Embassy of Israel Prize in Political Science & International Relations is valued prize that encourages academic work regarding Israel deemed to be of outstanding merit. We wish for it to continue as an honour that enriches academia and the field of political science. We wish for the prize not to be abandoned by the efforts of a small number of activists.