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Victoria's Secret: Stop sexualizing our daughters with the Bright Young Things campaign

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The Mommy Lobby believes that young girls are overwhelmed with images that make them believe that their only worth comes from how they look. Victoria's Secret's latest PINK campaign is further promoting the idea that in order to fit it, young girls need to wear skimpy clothing and now underwear that have words like "wild", "call me" or "feelin' lucky?" on them.

Victoria's Secret's claims that their target demographic is college age women.  All one needs to do is look at the product line, go into their stores or see who they use to promote their products (Most college aged girls have grown out of their Justin Beiber stage) to know that they are obviously targeting younger teens.

We are simply asking Victoria's Secret show a modicum of respect for our daughter. They have their entire adult lives to be grown up, please allow them to maintain their innocence and youth for as long as possible.

We understand that Victoria's Secret is a lingerie store and that there is a market for such items. But to blatantly market to very young girls and encourage them to become sexual "objects" from a very young age, is exactly the opposite of what most parents teach them.  

As parents we do all we can to protect our children from negative influences but we also know that there is a big world out there waiting for them...all we're asking is that if Victoria's Secret continues to market to the young teen demographic, then they respect the boundaries of modesty somewhat and avoid such language that encourages sexual promiscuity. 

You have our children's entire adulthood to make a profit off of them and we simply ask that you respect the innocence of this portion of their lives. Please allow them to reach an age of maturity before pushing this on them.  They're under enough pressure from society as it is.

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