Stop Animal Testing

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There are so many companies that use animal testing as a way to test products. This is just simply cruel, they could test it on humans rather than animals. Many animals dies each year because on animal testing. You may think that they just test products on rodents, and even if they did that is still bad. But they also test it on dogs, cats, mice, rats, pigs, sheep, and so many more animals. The way you can help change the ways or opinion of these companies is signing this petition. Yes there are many other companies that use animal testing as a way to test their products, but these compaies are very well known companies. Most people did not know that Maybelline and Victoria's Secret use animal testing but they do. Help animals survve and not die by signing this petition. Animals can't speak, so we should speak for them. Some people may say that animal testing is fine, but it is not it kills animal. It has been loud and clear that a lot of people don't like animal testing but companies won't listen hopefully they will listen this time. These are cosmetic companies that use animal testing, there are more companies that use animal testing but Victoria's secret and Maybelline use it for cosmetic purposes.Please save animals by  signing the petition