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Petitioning Customer Service Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret PINK: Stop Fighting the Consent Revolution

Late on Thursday, December 4, the hosting company for was contacted by lawyers from Victoria’s Secret’s and forced to take down the site. Victoria’s Secret complained that their trademark was being used to “confuse customers”. The corporate giant is standing in the way of hundred of thousands of people getting information about consent. FORCE, the team behind PINK loves CONSENT, is fighting the ban.

PINK loves CONSENT is a campaign that parodied the Victoria’s Secret brand to make consent go viral. Consent is a verbal agreement about how and when people are comfortable having sex. With the belief that social media can create social change, the organizers of PINK loves CONSENT are focused on making the idea of consent as mainstream and common as wearing a condom. “We need to create a culture where the sexual empowerment of women is more pervasive than the sexual violation. We want to see the practice of consent show up in the bedroom just as much as ‘V-string’ thongs.”

And it was working. In 3 days this site had over 200,000 hits.

By banning the website, Victoria's Secret is literally blocking hundreds of thousands of people from accessing information about consent. To top it off, the company has also shut down the @loveconsent twitter handle.

With the massive amount of money and power that they have, Victoria's Secret was able to take down the site, even though it is only temporary and even though the site is legal. Demand that they join the consent revolution and allow the site to be re-instated!

Letter to
Customer Service Victoria's Secret
Dear Victoria’s Secret,

Stop Fighting the Consent Revolution!

FORCE created a website that started a desperately needed national conversation about consent. The site promoted what we really need: health, safety, pleasure and real love for our bodies. We know it makes you cranky, but they haven’t broken any laws and are not selling anything on the site. Their website is legal under fair use and parody laws (

We know that it is legal. You know that it is legal. We know that you know that it is legal. We also that you have enough money, power, and lawyers to shut down the Love Consent campaign, even if its just temporarily. Use your power for good. Don’t fight Join us in the consent revolution!

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