Horse racing is an unethical sport that must be banned or made safer across Australia.

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Horse racing is an industry that abuses, kills and mistreats horses.

During races, horses are slapped, whipped and are often subject to death. Although the industry claims the horses' health is the most crucial aspect to them, they still use devices that practically torture the horses. For instance, they are tongue-tied (a device that has tight straps hold the horse’s tongue to their jaw) and can suffer from anxiety, distress, cuts, bruising and swelling and struggle to swallow

The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses found that over 122 horses died on the Australian race tracks in 2019. Most of the deaths were because of catastrophic front limb injury, death included bleeds and cardiac failure.

At the end of their 4-5 year period of racing, horses can be killed. For instance, 500 ex-racehorses per month are being killed at the Meramist Abattoir near Brisbane.

During the racing of horses, they are often bet on. The betting side of the industry brings out the worst in people; regular race betters spend around $4,300 to over  $8,000 a year. Research from the AGRC investigated found that 10 per cent of race betters had their addiction cause physical or mental health problems.

This is an industry that breeds more horses then they need, then abuses the horses, bets on them and lastly kills them off.